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President's Corner

Mechanics Update

We took this time to make sure we are on solid ground regarding our mechanics and to determine if we need to make any adjustments. Here are the results of the study:

25 games from 2019:

6A1 - 3 games

6A2 - 1 game

5A - 6 games

4A - 3 games

3A - 4 games

2A - 6 games

A - 2 games

(Some playoff games and some regular season games)

Runs and Forward passes  (2639 total snaps)


1719 runs (65.1%)

920 forward passes (34.9%)

The 920 forward passes are broken down as follows:


173 did not reach the LOS (18.8%)

501 were thrown from 0 - 15 yards (54.4%)

246 were thrown beyond 15 yards (26.7%)

Runs and Forward passes summary: 


90.7% of the total snaps resulted in a run or a forward pass that was 15 yards or less

9.3% of the total snaps resulted in a forward pass that was more than 15 yards.

By this measurement our mechanics are solid. Making sure the line of scrimmage is covered every play and that we are not moving too quickly downfield is still the best course of action. Please review the current OSSAA Mechanics for more information. 

Ethan Rolen
GTOA President

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