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Greater Tulsa Officials Association
2023 State Rules Meetings

GTOA Members,
State Business/Rules Meeting - Saturday July 22 @ 11:00 AM at Crossings Christian in Oklahoma City.

Tulsa State Rules Meeting - Wednesday July 26th @ 7:00PM at Tulsa Hills Marriott.

2023 GTOA Meeting Dates

GTOA Members,
The GTOA Summer Meetings will begin on Monday July 10th at Union High School starting at 6:30pm. A meeting schedule is posted below. As we prepare for a new season, we must take notice of the new rules and new mechanics that are being put in place this season. There are documents posted to the OSSAA Arbiter site and regarding the new rules and new mechanics. We have been working very hard this offseason and traveling all over the state in clinics and camps to get ready. These summer meetings are going to be very important as we go over the details and get prepared. Please make every effort to attend as often as possible.
Meeting Dates – All Meetings will be at Union High School starting at 6:30pm
Monday July 10
Monday July 17
Monday July 24 – Awards Night
Monday July 31 – Nominations
Thursday August 3
Monday August 7 – Elections
Monday August 14
Monday August 21
You must attend 4 meetings in person to be a member in Good Standing.
See you all in July! Live with integrity. Serve with enthusiasm. Give with generosity. Succeed with humility!
Ethan Rolen
GTOA President

2023 GTOA Crew Submission

GTOA Crew Chiefs:

The 2023 Crew Submission Form is now open here:

Crew chiefs ONLY should submit this form.  You must have at least 4 members of your crew established before you can submit your crew for assignments.  The assignment committee typically meets towards the end of July, so I would suggest getting this form completed by mid-July.  You may submit any conflicts/scratches on this form, but SPECIFIC SCHOOL/GAME requests will not be delivered to the assignment committee.  Also, if you have any date conflicts, please put that in the comments form as well.  

If you are still looking for another official to complete your crew, that information would best be delivered to Ethan Rolen or Harold Alspaugh.  The information from this form is not sent to the assignment committee until late July.


2023 GTOA Registration - NOW OPEN!!

The 2023 GTOA Registration is now open.

2023 GTOA Dues - $45 if paid by June 9th (after June 9th, dues increase to $60)
2023 GTOA Clinic - $50 and the deadline is May 19th - This year's camp will be held May 25-27 in a similar format to last year's clinic.  Details will be sent out soon from Ethan Rolen.

(NOTE: There is NO late fee for new officials who are joining our association for the first time and the GTOA late fee deadline is June 9th).

Our registration is fully electronic, and you will need a valid e-mail and a current credit/debit card to complete your payment.


Please use this link to register for the GTOA clinic if you are not a GTOA member.

You must also register with the OSSAA, and can do so from the GTOA registration page.  


OSSAA/OOA Officiating Shirts

The new OOA officiating shirts are available from two vendors:  Referee's Call and Official's Locker.  These shirts will be required for the 2020 OSSAA Playoff Series this year, but will not be mandatory for regular season games for 2020.  

(Click on a shirt to

see a larger image)

Officiating Performance Standards - *** IMPORTANT ***

Click the link below to view the Officiating  Performance Standards.  With the return of the OSSAA Observation Program, OSSAA evaluators will be using these standards to evaluate individual and crew performance.  These standards are to be used consisently throughout the state by all football officials.  Failure to follow these standards may result in a negative performance evaluation.

GTOA Important Forms

Below, you will find important forms for use during the high school football season:

NOTE:  Print the crew card templates on heavy cardstock paper (dual side), and then cut as necessary.


This is VERY IMPORTANT!!  If you do not enter a report for each game, your crew does not get credit for working that game and it can affect their rating and classification!!

OSSAA Mechanics Conference

Dates:  Weekly Mechanics calls are every Wednesday at 9:00pm (beginning each in August) and
will continue every week until the season is completed (including playoffs).

Dial-In Information:

Number:  (202) 926-1127 (New number)

Access Code:  846741

Video Conference Information:

Weekly training tape links will be sent out via e-mail by Sheree Riddell.

Annual GTOA Officer Election 

PRESIDENT:  Ethan Rolen

VICE-PRESIDENT:  Jeremey McCurley

SECRETARY:  Dusty Hutchison

TREASURER:  Chris Bailey 


Bobby Kelley

Andy Bruner

Ron Snoddy

President's Corner

Mechanics Update

We took this time to make sure we are on solid ground regarding our mechanics and to determine if we need to make any adjustments. Here are the results of the study:

25 games from 2019:

6A1 - 3 games

6A2 - 1 game

5A - 6 games

4A - 3 games

3A - 4 games

2A - 6 games

A - 2 games

Ethan Rolen,

GTOA Events
GTOA Meeting #1

Monday, July 10

Time:  6:30pm

2023 GTOA Meetings Begin

Location:  Union High School

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